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Tunnelling success in Brisbane

The company was established in 2006, with management having some 36 years of experience in the field. Utilising world-class equipment, Tunnelcorp employs some of the most knowledgeable Trenchless Technology staff in Australia.

The company operates a comprehensive range of equipment covering most forms of trenchless pipe installation. The company’s equipment comprises laser-guided microtunnellers, Herrenknecht slurry machines and Australian-manufactured vacuum extraction microtunnellers. This combination allows Tunnelcorp to operate above and below the water table in ground conditions that vary from soft formations and sands to high-strength rock. The microtunnellers are used for long-distance, high-accuracy bores for underground infrastructure.

The vacuum extraction microtunnellers have the capacity to retract through an encasing pipe in the event that an obstruction is encountered, or a cutter change is required. The encasing pipe can remain in situ, minimising the risk of the ground collapsing while the microtunneller is withdrawn.

Tunnelcorp’s unique skills also cover pipe jacking to 3 m diameter; auger boring; tunnel support canopies; and box culvert jacking for pedestrian/cycleways, stormwater systems and trafficable tunnels.

In August 2010, Tunnelcorp completed the largest canopy tube structure undertaken in Australia, on the Airport Link project in Brisbane. The canopy consisted of 48 bores clutched together, 750 mm diameter and 53 m long. This project encountered multiple major obstructions, including three bridges built on top of each other, 40 bridge piles, concrete walls up to 6 m thick, a swamp, steel and sections of an old de-railed train. Despite these obstructions the canopy structure was completed and in August 2011, the largest box culvert jacking operation in the world was carried out by Tunnelcorp’s client whilst the canopy structure supported six major rail lines and the Airtrain to Brisbane Airport.

Following the success of the Airport Link canopy structure, Tunnelcorp was awarded another canopy project by the Transcity JV, on the Legacy Way Tunnel in Brisbane. This project involves the installation of 25 individual bores, 900 mm in diameter and 30 m long, socketed 6 m into rock. These bores will be completed in two arches over the tunnel boring machine (TBM) entry portals.

The company recently took delivery of a Herrenknecht AVN1500 microtunneller and PSD separation plant capable of completing bores to 500 m in length. The machine is equipped with soft-ground, mixed-ground and hard rock cutter heads.

Tunnelcorp has the equipment and highly skilled human resources to undertake trenchless works, or alternatively provide a total turnkey solution encompassing shaft construction, drilling, pipe insertion, grouting, manhole construction and restoration.

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