Trenchless Technology achievements recognised

The ASTT Awards recognise innovation in concept, novelty in technology, environmental benefits and occupational health and safety benefits in both Rehabilitation and New Installation projects involving Trenchless Technology.

The nominees for Project of the Year – New Installation are:

“¢ The Mardi-Mangrove Link Project, which involved the first installation of 1,200 mm SDR11 PN16 HDPE water main in Australia using HDD, completed by UEA for John Holland on behalf of Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Councils

“¢ The Sandgate Avenue Drain Flood Mitigation project, which involved the construction of a 1,550 metre long, 2.5 metre internal diameter tunnel, excavated by a dual slurry-earth pressure balance tunnel boring machine, completed by Winslow for Melbourne Water

“¢ The Northern Pipeline Interconnector Stage 2, which involved the Southern Hemisphere’s longest pipe jack, completed by the Northern Network Alliance for LinkWater.

The nominees for Project of the Year – Rehabilitation are:

“¢ The Muller & Regency trunk water main renewal project, which involved swagelining 4,630 metres of an existing DN 600 MSCL locking bar trunk water pipeline, completed by ITS Trenchless for South Australia Water Corporation

“¢ The Port Adelaide Oviform Pipeline Renewal project, which involved 805 metres of CIPP lining for an ovoid sewer line, completed by Interflow for United Water

“¢ The Bondi Ocean Outfall Sewer Rehabilitation project, which involved rehabilitating 911 metres of sewer with two different relining technologies, completed by Water Infrastructure Group for Sydney Water.

“¢ The Nudgee Road Emergency Sewer Rehabilitation project, which involved renewing 460 metres of a deep pipeline with a structural liner, completed by Interflow for Queensland Urban Utilities.

The winners of these prestigious awards will be announced during the ASTT’s annual Gala Ginner, being held on October 5 as part of the ASTT’s 9th National Conference and Exhibition, No-Dig Down Under 2011.

ASTT Chairman Trevor Gosatti said “Each year I am blown away by the quality of entrants for the ASTT Project of the Year awards. This year is no exception, with a diverse and impressive range of nominations for these prestigious awards.

“I look forward to spending time with our nominees at No-Dig Down Under 2011 and announcing the winners during the conference Gala Dinner.”

To read more about No-Dig Down Under 2011, click here.

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