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DTH showcases their best

DTH has had a successful few months, showcasing the popular Sand Guzzler centrifugal pick up pump at No-Dig Down Under 2011, and also celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary.

The Sand Guzzler, which can be used for most flowable slurry transfer situations, is proving to be the product of choice for many drillers. It can be used with any mud recycling system, including the Mud Puppy, for which DTH is the primary supplier across Australia.

The Sand Guzzler comes in two different sizes, available in cast iron and aluminium housing, with a selection of impellers that are available in cast iron, aluminium and poly – giving a variety of options to suit individual driller’s requirements.

It can take up to a 2 inch diameter and can also run dry. It has flow rates from 350-500 GPM depending on the size of the Sand Guzzler and impeller selection, and is more than adequate for most jobs.

In addition to the company’s recent success at No-Dig Down Under 2011, DTH has celebrated its 15 year anniversary by holding a barbeque to thank staff, clients and suppliers for their ongoing support.

Since being founded in 1996, DTH has grown with its customers to be a successful drilling supplies business, with six offices across Australia supplying to the whole of Australasia.

DTH is proud to have partnered alongside many clients and staff who have been with the company since 1996.

DTH Managing Director Gillian Hurst said “We are passionate about our industry and our people and would like to thank all of them supporting us over the years.”

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