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Corporate Members – Australia

Neil Bracken from Australian Tunnelling Services

Leon DeLuis from Bullseye Boring (upgraded from Individual to Corporate Membership)

Individual Members – Australia

Matt Devlin from CMD Civil Pty Ltd

Membership fees due

2012 membership fees were due to be paid on 1 January 2012.

Most members have now paid this year’s fee, which is appreciated. For those that have not, can you please expedite your payments.

For your convenience, you can make your payment either by cheque or directly through direct debit to the ASTT bank account as shown to the right. Regrettably the ASTT does not accept credit card payments.

If there are any amendments to your mailing addresses, contact names or other details, then please let me know so that the ISTT and ASTT databases and website can be kept up to date, and so that you keep receiving your copies of Trenchless Australasia.

Annual General Meeting

This year’s 20th combined Council and Annual General Meeting will be held in April 2012. This means that shortly all members will receive a combined notice from me advising that applications to nominate for the position of state or country (NZ) Councillor are open, as well as outlining the meeting agenda. Members wishing to nominate for Councillor positions must adhere to rules that are spelt out on the vacancies for election to Council information that I will be sending out.

Business Plan updated

On 3 October 2011, the ASTT Executive met in Brisbane to undertake a Strategic Thinking Workshop prior to the commencement of No-Dig Down Under 2011. The main purpose of this workshop was to take a good look at how far the ASTT has come over the past 20 years and to identify options/ideas for the ASTT to move forward over the next five or so years. The outcomes of the discussions have now been compiled into the 2012 Business Plan. This plan can be viewed on the ASTT website at:

Listed below is a high level financial summary of the projected costs associated with providing everything listed within the 2012 Business Plan. It is clear that training and education, along with promotion, are the two big items expenditure wise.

2012 Business Plan summary of projected expenditure:

Network development $32,000

Training and education $110,000

Guidelines and standards $40,000

Promotion $180,000

Total expenditure for 2012 $362,000

Membership stickers and certificates

Two of the outcomes identified from the Strategic Thinking Workshop were to develop Individual and Corporate membership certificates for financial members, as well as to develop Individual and Corporate stickers. All financial members are now receiving these certificates and stickers as soon as their membership fees have been processed. Although a small thing, it is hoped that this will enhance the current list of things the ASTT offers by way of membership value to both categories of membership.

New ISTT website

I am pleased to inform all readers that after an extensive review by the ISTT Executive Subcommittee, the ISTT has now launched its new website, Work commenced on this enormous task as far back as February 2011. ISTT’s John Hemphill, Derek Choi, Enrico Boi, Kyoko Kondo, as well as Emanuela Carcangiu, web designer from Pavoneggi and his team, are to be congratulated for bringing the ISTT website up to date.

ASTT/ISTT No-Dig Awards

Entries are now open for the prestigious ASTT and ISTT annual awards. The ASTT Awards will be presented at Trenchless Live 2012, being held from 23-24 October at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds; and the ISTT Awards will be presented at International No-Dig, being held from 12-14 November in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Applications for both awards close on 31 August 2012.

More information on the ASTT and ISTT Awards can be found at and

I encourage all members to consider entering the ASTT and ISTT Awards. They are a wonderful opportunity to highlight the great achievements of the Australasian trenchless community, and a great chance to promote your company, projects and/or your people.

Please note that entries for the ISTT Awards require the written endorsement of the ASTT. Please forward your ISTT submissions to myself for endorsement – and good luck!

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