Grundodrill 4X marks the spot for R&R McClure Excavations

Mr McClure spent considerable time with the sales and service team looking in detail at the many features and advantages incorporated into the range of horizontal directional drilling GRUNDODRILL systems available from the TT Group.

TT Asia Pacific is part of the worldwide TT Group of Companies, manufacturers of a wide range of Grundo products, from the 45 mm Grundomat to the 800 mm Apollo ramming machine, the largest in the world. The Grundodrill range covers the compact 4X drill up to the latest technological advances in the Grundodrill 18 ACS rig.

R&R McClure Excavations is no stranger to the world of horizontal directional drilling (HDD), having serviced Victoria from their Head Office in Castlemaine for in excess of 23 years.

Tim, who handles the day to day operations of the company, was most impressed with the compact GRUNDODRILL 4X system due to its unique compact design and high power to weight ratio.

Following discussions it was decided by the management at McClure Excavations that the GRUNDODRILL 4X was the most superior machine in its class. As a result an order was placed for the 4x package complete with 32 additional drill rods enabling them to complete bores up to 100 m in total. The package also consisted of a GRUNDOMUD 225 gallon high-pressure mixing system and various optional accessories such as backreamers and location equipment.

The 4X design is unequalled in its class in many ways, such as the 9,800 lbs of thrust and pullback and its high rotational speeds of up to 230 rpm. This enables improved cutting efficiency on smaller diameter bores in hard ground conditions.

With a width of just 90 cm and a length of 330 cm, the GRUNDODRILL 4X is much more compact than any rivals in its class. This compact size enables the machine to be operated from confined areas, such as footpaths, and with minimal setback requirements and increased bend radius.

Another unrivalled feature that has been well received by machine operators is the single joystick design with integrated vice, throttle and bentonite control. All parties have been impressed with the performance and reliability of the system. In fact, the machine has been in operation daily in some very difficult ground conditions since delivery with no downtime or operational problems whatsoever.

TT Asia Pacific will continue to work closely with McClure Excavations, thereby strengthening an already strong working relationship, and are committed to offering the highest level of service. High quality service has become synonymous with the TT Group, who offer clients the highest quality in products, which in turn leads to the best returns on investments over long periods of time.

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