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Pilot tube microtunnelling for transit rail

For the project UEA used a guided boring machine to drill a laser guided pilot hole to install 550 mm diameter steel enveloper pipe for watermain crossings, achieving a tolerance of approximately 10 mm.

UEA said this microtunnelling method can be used for installations up to 600 mm diameter and up to 80 m in length, installing steel, concrete or HOBAS pipe on line and grade.

Once the steel enveloper pipe was installed, DICL pipe was then inserted using an auger boring machine to jack the pipe through, after which the annulus was filled with an approved grout mix.

Also in news at UEA, Rick Wilson has been appointed to head up the company’s tunnelling division.

Mr Wilson comes with 20 years’ experience in civil construction and five years experience in delivering microtunnelling projects across Australia.

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