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Sewerage program in Victoria to remove backlog

The Wonga Park Backlog Project in Victoria, which has utilised Trenchless Technology for constructing sewer reticulation, is now 50 per cent complete.

The Yarra Valley Water sewerage scheme will prevent discharges from failing septic tank systems entering into the local waterways, and see sewage from Wonga Park transferred to the Brushy Creek Sewerage Treatment Plant for treatment.

Yarra Valley Water Asset Creation Project Manager Luke Sorokowski says the project involves the construction of 22 km of sewer reticulation, for which 99 per cent will employ trenchless construction methods.

As part of deciding how an area will be serviced, Yarra Valley Water conducts a detailed investigation of the servicing options available which are capable of meeting the onsite containment requirement. These options include a mix of traditional solutions (such as pipe networks and pumps) and alternative solutions (such as onsite recycling and reuse).

One of the sewer systems typically used in the Backlog Project is the pressure sewer system, which is made up of a network of fully sealed pipes which are fed by pumping units located at each connected property.

The pumping unit processes the household wastewater and transfers it to the pressure sewer located in the street via a small pipeline within the property.

The pressure sewer forms part of the overall pipe network which ultimately transfers the wastewater to the nearest sewerage treatment facility.

MFJ Construction and Melbourne Pipelines have been contracted for the works.

The project is due to be completed by November 2012, and will connect the network to 620 properties.

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