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How to capture more customers with content marketing

The trenchless industry is a competitive market, and potential clients do their research before they even reach for the phone.

Constant changes in the industry mean that the market can be difficult to navigate and tap into, often creating a competitive environment even in sectors where there are few industry players.

On top of this, the widespread use of the internet for personal and business use means that prospective clients of trenchless businesses now have a lot more power than they did in the 1990s and even 2000s.

Marketing must now take time to engage prospective clients, who are spending more time on researching and educating themselves.

All of this means that companies have to work even harder to get their message across by properly blending traditional and new marketing techniques, which has caused content marketing to grow in popularity.

“Content marketing is a strong instrument to have in your marketing toolkit, but to do it successfully you need to stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking like a publisher,” says Ms Hannaford.

“Publishers are experts in considering the information needs of their audience in order to pull them to their media channels.”

About the whitepaper

The Infrastructure Marketing Solutions’ whitepaper, titled The ultimate guide to capturing more customers with content marketing, will be made available to all new and renewed Trenchless Australasia magazine subscriptions for a limited time only.

Ms Hannaford says that this resource will help businesses in the industry understand how to create and implement a strategic content marketing that creates profitable results from customers.

The whitepaper includes:

  • Content marketing fundamentals
  • Integrating content marketing with traditional marketing
  • Putting together your content marketing plan
  • Ten most used forms of content marketing
  • What platforms to use for your content marketing objectives
  • Measuring performance
  • Three templates to get you started
  • Content marketing checklist.
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