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Pezzimenti Trenchless takes on the tough jobs

Jacking under Warragul

Baw Baw Developments recently contracted Auscivil for the installation of a 192 m pipeline as part of the Waterford Rise Estate Outfall Sewer in Warragul, Victoria. Auscivil in turn looked to Pezzimenti Trenchless for assistance on the tough job.

The depth to invert at the halfway point of the bore was 16 m deep, which meant that open-cut was not an option. A 7 m deep launch pit was excavated into the clay ground conditions, where crews installed a 460 mm diameter bore using HOBAS SN 320,000 jacking pipes.

Pezzimenti Trenchless Director Joe Pezzimenti said the pipe’s performance can’t be faulted, and deserves recognition for withstanding the jacking load. The bore eventually came out within 20 mm of the design line and level.

The Pezzimenti Trenchless team

The Pezzimenti Trenchless team has many years of accumulated knowledge, with Director Joe having been in the industry 23 years, Anthony Pezzimenti for 17 and Stephen Pezzimenti 15 years in the industry. Additionally, General Manager Gilbert Pezzimenti has been working in the trenchless industry an impressive near 50 years.

Pezzimenti Trenchless formed in July 2011 and employs 20 staff who operate six laser-guided microtunnelling machines.

The Pezzimenti crews install diameters ranging from 325 mm up to 2,800 mm, using Pezzimenti Laserbore manufactured equipment on projects in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Working on projects of varying sizes, they provide installations using free boring, pipe jacking, sleeve boring and rock boring.

Some of the projects the company has worked on include:

  • The Northern Sewer Project for John Holland Group, completing 1,060 mm and 700 mm diameter basalt bores
  • The Werribee Sewer Treatment Plant for the Melbourne Water Pipelines Alliance, installing two 1,250 mm sleeve bores
  • For Armstrong Constructions and the Barwon Water Alliance, completing 1,500 mm of 400 mm diameter bores at Melaluka Road.

Upcoming projects for the company include installing a 1,850 mm diameter bore in basalt and under railway in Somerton for the Melbourne Water Pipelines Alliance, and installing a 700 mm diameter bore in basalt under the Western Freeway for National Australia Pipelines as part of the Sunbury Pipeline Project.

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