Tips to ace your next trenchless job interview

1. Stay on top to reach the top

Particularly in the Trenchless Technology field, it is important to stay on top of what is happening in terms of current trends. For contractors, you should know the biggest projects happening in your field of installation or rehabilitation, and should be aware what major council and utilities in your state have a preference for using. Keep these thoughts in mind when reading tender articles on Trenchless Australasia. When being interviewed, you don’t want to be asked a question that you don’t understand, keeping up-to-date in the latest materials, methods of applications and equipment will stop you from being stumped on tough industry questions.

2. Research

Research the company you are being interviewed for a position with. Know about their current and upcoming projects, industry involvement, equipment they use, their reputation and culture, and who their major competitors are. Demonstrating a sound knowledge of the company in an interview shows to potential employers that you are serious about a position with their company. Employers don’t just want to know why you want to work in this industry, they want to know why you want to work at their specific company.

3. Know your interviewees

When setting your interview time, be sure to ask names of people who will be interviewing you. This will allow you to do some quick background research on them. Use LinkedIn to see who is in their network and if they are affiliated with any Trenchless Technology societies. If they are a prominent industry figure, they may have been interviewed by Trenchless Australasia before. Searching their name on the site will also let you know if they have written papers or made presentations at conferences before.

4. Have your referees prepared

Know who your referees are before your interview, and obtain their permission to be a referee. This is an opportunity to show your industry connections and guarantee your work. If you have been contracted for work with major councils or utilities it will impress the employer if you have a contact within the organisation who can vouch for your work.

5. Know the dress code

Trenchless jobs can often require on-site work and a relaxed dress-code, which can make deciding what to wear to an interview a hard choice. When setting your interview time, it is perfectly acceptable to ask what the dress code will be. If you are told smart casual, always wear full-length pants (no shorts) and covered shoes. As a rule, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

6. Ask questions

Having two or three questions pre-prepared will help you maintain composure and show your genuine interest in the company. Some ideas for these questions include:
“¢ Asking about the work culture
“¢ Asking whether the company exhibits at trade fairs and conferences
“¢ Asking whether there is room for promotion and growth within the company.

7. First impressions

First impressions are everything in a job interview, and in most instances this is your only opportunity to show off your credentials face to face.

Make sure you are polite, look the interviewer in the eye, and are friendly and sincere.

Making a great first impression will insure that interviewers will remember you and hopefully put you ahead of the pack.

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