Mahmoud Al-Madhoun set to work up a crowd at Trenchless Live

Mr Al-Madhoun’s involvement with underground assets and the use of Trenchless Technology has largely been in managing water and sewer infrastructure projects.

He currently manages a variety of projects, including:

  • A complex watermain renewal in the Melbourne central business district, involving construction of 4 km of DN600 and DN300 WM
  • Installation of large distribution mains in a greenfield site, requiring the construction 1.6 km of DN375 and 3.3 km of DN1,200 pipelines
  • Construction of sewer pipelines on the Stoney Hill Creek Outlet Sewer, involving construction of 600 m of DN450 sewer and construction of the Jamieson Way Sewage Pumping Station.

On Mr Al-Madhoun’s projects, he has utilised a variety of trenchless technologies in order to overcome environmental obstacles to pipe renewals, such as the need to cross major intersections, tram tracks, railway tracks and water ways.

Trenchless technologies he has employed in his projects include pipe cracking, laser boring, directional drilling and pipe ramming.

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