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From the Chairman’s Desk

This event gives the industry’s clients and stakeholders the opportunity to see, hear and touch the latest Trenchless Technology innovations not only in Australia and New Zealand, but from around the world. Trenchless Live is unique in our region, and every two years it gives visitors the chance to see our technology in a “÷live’ environment. The ASTT is keen to continue promoting events like this so that major capital works programs, such as the National Broadband Network, get the opportunity to witness the latest in trenchless innovation, and find out why it should be used as the preferred method of infrastructure installation. As I noted in the last edition of Trenchless Australasia, we need to continue to inform and educate trenchless stakeholders about our industry and the many benefits our technologies offer.

Trenchless Live 2012 also provides the ASTT with an opportunity to recognise the best trenchless projects and personalities at the annual ASTT Awards. It is extremely important that we recognise the great things being done in our industry.

I was recently in New Zealand for the New Zealand Contractors Federation (NZCF) conference (boy do they know how to have a good time!) and had the chance to meet with some of NZCF members who are also members of the ASTT. It was fascinating to hear about the works required in Christchurch to repair their city, which was devastated by earthquakes. There is currently a large amount of programmed work being completed, much of it trenchless, to rehabilitate the region.

We hope that events such as Trenchless Live 2012, and the International No-Dig to be held in Sydney in 2013, will help stimulate further solutions for our region.

I look forward to seeing and speaking with you at Trenchless Live 2012.

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