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Raptor – the latest from Mud Technology

The Raptor is the newest piece of equipment in Mud Technology’s product line.

Designed for clean, efficient and environmentally friendly use, Raptor is ideal for geothermal and water well drilling applications.

Raptor is fully self-contained, easy to transport, manoeuvre and set-up at any location.

Raptor features a two section tank that can hold approximately 2,270 litres, and has the capability to clean more than 1,200 litres per minute.

This unit is equipped with centrifugals for mixing and de-sanding, and has a high G-force linear split-screen shaker that will accept a wide variety of screen mesh sizes.

Mud Technology provides customers with an entire line of “÷user-friendly’ equipment designed to save time and money.

The Raptor is available for rent, lease or purchase, and Mud Technology invites customers to put the Raptor to work on their next job.

Mud Technology also stocks an array of parts, screens and equipment available to keep trenchless companies up and running.

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