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DTH Products finds a partner in SpanSet

DTH Products is frequently sourcing new and innovative products by aligning with leading global manufacturers to offer high quality, durable drilling equipment and solutions to a full range of sectors including:

  • horizontal directional drilling
  • mineral exploration drilling
  • blast hole drilling
  • geotechnical drilling
  • environmental drilling
  • geothermal drilling
  • ground engineering
  • coal seam gas/oilfield drilling
  • secondary containment systems
  • remote helicopter fuel systems.

DTH Products has partnered with SpanSet Australia and now offers its extensive range of lifting and safety solutions, including the Australian made ERGOplus and ERGO harnesses and lanyards, Gotcha rescue kits, fall arrest blocks and synthetic round and flat lifting slings suitable for general lifting as well as heli-lifting and remote site application. SpanSet Australia also specialise in developing customised load control options for a wide range of heavy industry vehicles.

SpanSet Australia has been in operation for over 25 years and is committed to the design and manufacture of products that meet customers’ needs. SpanSet’s extensive range has been developed to work as part of an overall safety solution and the success of its products is attributed to good listening skills and a policy of continual research and development, striving to cover an ever-widening range of applications. SpanSet’s vast experience in webbing-based products has provided the perfect background to develop specialist height safety, lifting and load control products and solutions.

Offering high quality, robust products from globally recognised manufacturers, DTH Products aims to assist clients in achieving optimal results in productivity, safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

With a technical, experienced workforce, DTH Products also offers the highest level of support to customers, with the right solutions to keep drillers drilling!

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