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ASTT members to receive state of industry report

In the coming weeks ASTT members will be sent the State of industry report: Trenchless Technology in water and wastewater, which details the usage of trenchless in Australasia and is analysed in terms of how trenchless professionals can utilise this data for promoting their technology and overcoming common contracting barriers.

The basis of preparing this report was to provide the Trenchless Technology sector with an appreciation of how Trenchless Technology is being used by the water and wastewater industry in Australasia. The report, endorsed by the ASTT, contains the results of a survey sent to all councils and utilities across Australasia on the utilisation of Trenchless Technology.

The report documents the use of no-dig methods and forecasts changes in both a quantitative and qualitative way, providing members with a summary of industry. This information is amalgamated with reports from ASTT Council Representatives in each state, who share their understanding on how the trenchless market has changed over the last year, and provides a forecast into the state of industry for 2013.

The 2013 State of industry report: Trenchless Technology in water and wastewater is an ASTT member benefit, providing a resource for decision making, planning, and tendering. This is a new initiative undertaken by the ASTT, and is provided free of charge exclusively to ASTT members.

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