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Directional drilling lights the way

In a highly complex lighting upgrade project, National Directional Drilling (NDD) worked closely with head contractor Affinity Electrical Technologies to deliver advanced sports lighting towers, giving Canberra’s historic Manuka Oval the ability to host night time sports.

By utilising modern drilling equipment, there was no environmental impact. NDD’s experienced operators navigated a 2011 24×40 Series II directional drill to seamlessly deliver two ring mains – less than 300 mm apart – supplying the lighting towers with communications and an electrical network.

NDD General Manager Dean Hall said “Our work at Manuka was done 100 per cent in-house and gave us the opportunity to show how seriously we take minimising our environmental impact on any job delivering underground assets. At Manuka we delivered two drilled shots straight to the centre pitch without disturbing the turf.

“I knew the drill was the best method, and it meant reconfiguring 12 km of pipe to fit seamlessly and maintain the minimum separation between the two ring mains. At all times my team maintained a focus on minimal impact to a heritage site that is central to the Canberra communities sporting life.”

“NDD’s ability to complete work on the Manuka Oval Lighting Upgrade with little to nil environmental impacts was quite unique. Their team were also great self-starters, which allowed Affinity project managers to focus on other parts of the project.”

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