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Free resource for installation professionals; The ultimate guide to utility detection

If you answered “÷yes’, you are not alone; by popular demand, Trenchless Australasia is providing a free resource to help those working in and around critical assets make their purchase decision.

The e-guide will include what they need to know, the benefits of different products, which products are compatible within a range of asset types (water, sewer, gas), what questions to ask when buying utility detection equipment, explanation of key terms and functions, produce comparison charts and a directory of suppliers.

This guide will be free for download in May 2013. To get your copy, visit

Trenchless Australasia would like to thank the e-guide Sponsors who have made it possible to provide this resource free of charge.

Access Detection’s Anthony Johnston says “Locate technicians have to be highly trained and have a good understanding of all their instruments which can range from simple divining rods, common EMF locators, ground penetrating radar and even vacuum excavation. A professional contractor will use all these technologies to assist in safely identifying what is below.

“Access Detection is an experienced company who supply training and equipment for locating underground assets. In this guide will provide factual information on how to safely locate underground utilities using the different technologies.”

Detection Solutions’ Paul Holt says “At Detection Solutions we specialise in underground service detection equipment including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), concrete testing equipment, pipe and cable locators as well the Fuji-Tecom range of water leak detection and pinpointing equipment.

“In most cases, the environment the user will be working in will differ from job to job. This is where Detection Solutions strengths lay; our advice, recommendations, product and resources give the customer the perfect solutions to their needs.

“We are pleased to be associated with the Utiltiy e-Guide as our contribution will be a valuable tool for both experienced and novice users.”

Ditch Witch Australia and Ditch Witch New Zealand import and distribute the Ditch Witch Electronics (formerly Subsite) range of pipe and cable locators, electronic tracking equipment and ground probing radar in Australia and New Zealand.

All electronic products are C-Tick approved for use by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA); all products are serviced by an authorised service centre located in Brisbane.

Vivax-Metrotech’s Greg Macmahon says “The world-wide team at Vivax-Metrotech understand the difficulties of the utility locator. Our pedigree dates back over 60 years. We pride ourselves on assisting the operator to make sure that they not only have the right product, but, that they also understand how it works.

“We offer product specific training on our complete range of products. We also recommend that all people who will be involved in locating undertake an acknowledged training course.

“Vivax-Metrotech AUS is your local locating solution provider and as our motto says we will be “÷Always On The Spot’.”

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