Company innovates in services relocation challenge

GHD, as a partner of the City East Alliance in Western Australia, used asset relocation to mitigate potential risks involved with the project.

The project represents one of the most significant services relocation and replacement challenges on a West Australian infrastructure project, with more than 80 km of services conduit including water, gas, power, telecommunications and drainage impacted. Adding to this challenge, the project is within a constrained 21 hectare road corridor used by 55,000 vehicles per day.

To mitigate potential risks, GHD played a pivotal role in developing innovative technology designed to identify clash detection and better understand the quantity of known and likely services and their relationship to earthworks. The use of 3D modelling technology, called Services and Utilities Infrastructure Modelling is a first for major infrastructure projects in Western Australia.

Ms Gillard was joined at the opening by General Department of Transport Director Reece Waldock, Member of the Legislative Assembly Glenys Godfrey, and members of the City East Alliance Board, including GHD Manager for Transport Erik Geidans.

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