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Carbon reduction in the pipeline

Despite not being subject to the new carbon tax the government introduced for large CO2 emitters in July 2012, HOBAS is offering carbon-neutral HOBAS pipes as a certified “÷low carbon’ company in its aim to address climate change.

HOBAS Australia’s Andrew Holman said “We assessed the carbon footprint of HOBAS pipes by means of a greenhouse gas emissions analysis, which was verified by the Australian Carbon Reduction Institute. Through the Institute’s NoCO2 Certification program, we are measuring, reducing and offsetting our climate change impacts through a variety of carbon offset programs.”

The carbon footprint study was conducted by the principles included in PAS 2050:2011 – a publicly available specification originally published in 2008 as the world’s first framework methodology for product carbon footprinting. This is built upon
ISO 14040/44 standards and provides a method for assessing the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services. The respective project offsetting calculations are performed according to international standards (e.g. the CDM Gold Standard).

By supporting different offset programs, HOBAS Australia makes up for the emissions created in pipe production, packaging and transport by helping to reduce emissions in another place, eventually selling carbon-neutral pipes on a project-to-project basis.

According to HOBAS, it is the only pipe supplier on the Australian market to provide this service.

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