A new method for classifying sewage pipe

Mr Przybyla will present a new method for pipe assessment that allows the classification of damage according to the increasing degree of risk a pipe presents using “÷pairwise comparisons’. It is the basis for the design of expert tools which enable global assessment of the state of pipe. The method differs from standard methods of classification used in Poland.

About the speaker

Bogdan Przybyla lives and works in Poland. He is a graduate of the Wroclaw University of Technology’s faculty of Civil Engineering. In 1999 he completed a doctoral thesis about reliability assessment of sewer lines, receiving his Doctor of Science. Presently he works as an academic teacher at the Wroclaw University of Technology’s Institute of Civil Engineering, in the team led by Professor Cezary Madryas. In current research activities he deals with technical rehabilitation in sewerage systems and issues of diagnosing sewerage pipes and how they relate to planning operation activities.

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