Learn about best-fit trenchless pipe materials

Considering the significant increase in the availability of pipe materials suitable for trenchless applications in the Australasian market, Mr Steedman suggests that the growing number of new pipe materials and associated standards has presented a knowledge challenge to Australian water industry practitioners; engineers, construction companies and regulatory bodies.

In his presentation, he will seek to answer two key questions. Firstly, what are the critical knowledge gaps? Secondly, how are they being addressed? In order to test this hypothesis the paper begins with a contextual overview of pipe materials that have come to be available for trenchless applications in Australia in the decade from 2002.

About the speaker

Daniel Steedman has over 15 years of water industry experience. He has worked globally across many facets of the industry, principally from the supply side, but also on design, construction and commission. His interest is in thermoplastic and GRP pipes. Mr Steedman has studied Engineering Technology with an emphasis on materials and also holds a first class Honours degree in Political Science. A Principal Strategist at Delta P, he is completing a PhD at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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