Learn about innovations in vacuum microtunnelling

Mr Milligan will outline the innovative installation approach that was necessary due to the requirement to use a non-restrained GRP pipe in non-supporting geology. Mr Milligan will outline Trenchless Civil’s use of a newly acquired laser-guided boring system, also known as a vacuum microtunnel system. The Timbertop Sewer Project was one of the first times the AXIS vacuum microtunnel system was employed for the installation of larger diameter jacking pipe.

About the speaker

John Milligan joined Vermeer Corporation in 1992, spending his first 14 years in various international sales-management positions. Currently a Strategic Business Manager with Vermeer, Mr Milligan is responsible for co-ordinating and executing the sales, engineering and manufacturing efforts related to the AXIS Guided Boring System. He has been with the AXIS program since before its market launch in 2009.

John was born in Ṣo Paulo, Brazil, and earned a double major in Business Management and Marketing from Cedarville University, Ohio, US.

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