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Learn about installing pipe under railways

Attendees at No-Dig Down Under 2013, the 31st ISTT No-Dig Event, will hear Chairman of the Polish Foundation for Trenchless Technology Andrzej Kuliczkowski speak on applications for CC-GRP under railway lines.

In light of the increased interest in railway line upgrades and new facilities being built under railways in Poland, Mr Kuliczkowski will emphasise selection of materials to speed-up the installation process – even with continued rail traffic – and discuss the pipe’s versatility on a wide range of applications with case studies.

About the speaker

Andrzej Kuliczkowski is a Professor at Kielce University of Technology, Poland, Chairman of the Polish Foundation for Trenchless Technology and member of the ISTT. He serves as Chairman of Polish No-Dig Conferences. Mr Kuliczkowski formerly served seven years as Vice Chairman of a company which performed the first sewage system rehabilitation projects in Poland. He is now Chairman of a consulting company. Mr Kuliczkowski is author of 304 publications, including 12 books, and is an ISTT Award Laureate.

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