Design-intensive tunnelling course released

Mr Gutierrez will discuss the importance of education for implementing and using underground infrastructure technologies in countries with little experience with such techniques.

He will outline the intensive course that the authors have designed, which covers the main design principles of traditional tunnelling by using the Plaxis-TM software and later introduces the basic design principles of trenchless technologies.

About the speakers

Mr Gutierrez is a project engineer with international experience in underground infrastructure construction in hydroelectric projects and in Trenchless Technology advisory on aqueduct and sewerage projects for more than 20 years. He is the founder of the Colombian Institute for Subterranean Infrastructure Technologies and Techniques and has been the international representative since 2009.

He is the Academic Chair and organiser of the First, Second and Third Latin American Congresses and Exhibitions of Trenchless Technologies and Underground Infrastructure in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Dr John Matthews lives and works in Baton Rouge, LA as a Principal Research Scientist for the Battelle Memorial Institute, which is based in Columbus, Ohio.

He manages projects for various clients relating to water and wastewater infrastructure system condition assessment, installation, rehabilitation, and asset management.

Prior to joining Battelle, he was a Research Associate at the Trenchless Technology Center for six years, leading numerous research and development projects while completing his Masters and PhD in Engineering.

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