How intact is your pipe?

Mr Stockwell will discuss how finite element analysis enables modelling of complex pipe-soil interactions to assess section loss to initial failure under variables of soil stiffness and loading conditions.

Finite element analysis can also assess the behaviour of the pipe when it does crack, enabling the owner to understand the risk profile of the asset and implement appropriate corrosion management strategies, condition monitoring, geotechnical investigation, or structural rehabilitation. Mr Stockwell will discuss several examples of analysis undertaken by KBR on several deep, unreinforced concrete sewers for Queensland Urban Utilities.

About the speaker

Mr Stockwell has five years’ experience as a structural engineer and in particular with the use of finite element modelling and analysis. He has designed bridges and buildings using finite element modelling, which has provided accurate analysis and design of structures. Recently he has been working with Queensland Urban Utilities on assessing the condition of old sewer pipes within the Brisbane area.

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