Trenchless Technology in emergency responses

Mr Apeldoorn will outline how Trenchless Technology played an important role returning essential gravity sanitary pipe services to Kaiapoi and the district within six weeks. He will also review the role of Trenchless Technology in the ongoing, long-term recovery of the whole district.

About the speaker

Mr Apeldoorn is a Director and Founding Partner of ProjectMax, specialist pipeline investigation and rehabilitation consultants, with 18 years’ experience in wastewater and stormwater operational maintenance, investigation and trenchless construction and rehabilitation.

Mr Apeldoorn specialises in pipeline investigation, condition assessment, and training and advice in the development of asset management programs for the optimal replacement, upgrading, rehabilitation and maintenance of pipe networks.

Mr Apeldoorn is an author of the third edition of the New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual, is the New Zealand Councillor for the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT) and the 2010 ASTT Young Person of the Year.

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