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PipeHawk swoops in

1. When was PipeHawk established?
PipeHawk is a Public Limited Company (Plc) and was floated on the Alternative Investment Market, a division of the London Stock Exchange on 5 December 2000, before that, PipeHawk was the name of our very first ground probing radar (GPR) system. As the company grew, the PipeHawk name became a recognised brand and therefore it made good business sense to adopt it as that of the company when we became a Plc.

2. What range of equipment does PipeHawk supply and how has the range of products developed over time?
Like many manufacturers I guess, we started with one great product. In our case it was the PipeHawk. That single product evolved slowly over a period of ten years or so. Our focus back then was much more on developing high end GPR systems for specialist applications, such as mine clearance and highway network assessment. As the benefits of GPR became better known and appreciated, opportunities arose for new and improved products in the allied fields of civil engineering, construction and utility asset management.
PipeHawk systems have now been sold in over 30 countries around the world. The two latest systems will launch in Australia at No-Dig Down Under:

  • e-Spade and e-Spade+ for professional utility mapping
  • e-Spott and e-SpottHF systems for highway compliance monitoring
  • e-Spect; near surface inspection system for horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • e-Safe and e-Spade lite will launch at No-Dig Down Under.

3. What are some of the unique features within the current PipeHawk range of products?
Our vision is to develop a range of tools that utilise GPR technology to perform specific tasks without the operator needing extensive knowledge and experience with GPR in order to use them. In the same way that complex GPS technology is now found in a wide range of simple to use products, we believe there is potential for GPR to be developed in a similar way.

Our e-Spade+ is easy to deploy on-site requiring no operator assembly – the operator simply unfolds it and gets to work. The e-Spade+ works to peak efficiency each and every time and requires no operator calibration. The simple operator interface means it can be used effectively on-site with minimum training, supervision or experience and collected data can be processed, analysed and interpreted by the operator immediately following collection on-site. There is no requirement for time consuming off-site post processing of data. It also has a built in (GPS-based) supervisor log that operates automatically at switch-on. This enables confirmation that data has been collected at the correct location. At the end of each day all data can be downloaded to a standard memory stick in seconds.

For those with larger organisations where there is a need for a central repository of collected data. We offer a desktop software package which enables all e-Spade data to be stored, re-processed and printed in an easy to read format.

Our new e-Spade lite product builds on this lineage by providing a smaller, lightweight unit that better suits the needs of those with minimal GPR requirements and a limited budget, yet still retains the best features of its big brother.

The latest product, e-Safe (electronic service avoidance for everyone), is designed to complement the use of standard cable avoidance tools by providing a warning of the possible presence of all service types, particularly those that are not metallic, conductive or “÷live’, thereby helping plug the gap that exists in current pre-excavation safety methods due to over reliance on the traditional cable avoidance tool and its inherent limitations.

4. What are the company’s plans for the future?
Promoting our newly extended range of products will keep us busy for a while and we still have a few ideas to expand on in the markets we already know very well, particularly utility location and mapping and highway monitoring and assessment. We also see potential in the field of pollution monitoring and environmental assessment.

We are currently finalising Australasia distribution networks. Visit booth 118 at No-Dig Down Under to be introduced to the latest equipment and take advantage of special show offers.

5. Are you planning any special offers for the No-Dig show to support your new products?
Absolutely, but I’m afraid you are going to have to come and see us at the show in order to find out what they are!

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