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A brief history of Vivax-Metrotech

Metrotech Corporation is a US company that has been manufacturing pipe and cable locators for well over 40 years. The head office and factory is in Santa Clara in the famous Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco. In 1980 Metrotech Corporation was purchased by the German manufacturer SebaKMT.

Vivax Corporation is a relatively young company and commenced operations in 2005. The company was established by a team experienced in designing, manufacturing and selling high quality utility locators and CCTV inspection cameras. Vivax Corporation was also purchased by SebaKMT, and in 2009 Metrotech and Vivax merged to form a single company: Vivax-Metrotech Corporation.

The group has engineering departments in Santa Clara CA and Exeter UK and manufacturing facilities in Santa Clara and Shanghai. The manufacturing facilities are both ISO9001 accredited.

A successful merge

The joining together of these two experienced companies has created a world-class manufacturer of innovative and quality locators and inspection systems. In 2011, SebaKMT Group was purchased; however, Vivax-Metrotech Corporation was not a part of this sale and is still owned by the original owners of SebaKMT. This has created a sound and strong company.

Products on offer

With the recent release of the new vCam 5 CCTV Inspection Systems, the design and development of the organisation is moving ahead at a pace. The new vCam 5 system takes the push rod CCTV inspection system to a new level. New innovations, such as WiFi, demonstrate a commitment to improving the offerings in the marketplace.

The new VM series locators offer the trenchless industry more flexibility to see into the underground world. The new VM540 Camera and Sonde locator is a simple, inexpensive, and robust unit. Its innovative design means that the operator can have an effective locator in a travel bag, which will fit anywhere.

The VM550 is a unique safety tool for cable avoidance. No longer can the excuse be used that it is too difficult to fit a locator in the vehicle. This simple and easy to use locator is small enough to fit behind the driver’s seat in most vehicles. This an essential safety tool for anyone who is digging or boring. The VM550 is designed to complete a check after the original full inspection survey is completed and prior to digging.

The vLoc Pro2 range of locators satisfies all locating needs and is used by major locate companies and contractors around the world. In the vLoc Pro2 range the operator has a choice of transmitters, from 1-10 watts, so there is a locator that will fit all needs.

The vLoc ML2 is a simple and versatile locator, and its carbon fibre footprint allows the company to manufacture a light-weight and easy to use marker locator. The vLoc ML2 will enable the operator to do standard multi-frequency locating and marker locating at the same time.

This is only a brief outline of what Vivax-Metrotech has to offer. The company is also actively engaged in design and development of new projects. Keep an eye out the future innovations.

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