All about HDD projects at No-Dig Down Under

Trenchless Advisor owner Peter Brown will run through common horizontal directional drilling (HDD) project challenges and issues, and how to prevent these.

Trenchless Advisor Senior Consultant David Gunnel will outline tips for obtaining approvals for trenchless and HDD projects.

About the speakers

Peter Brown is the owner of Sydney-based trenchless consultancy company, Trenchless Advisor. His experience in the trenchless industry, including HDD, is extensive and spans over 15 years. He has worked for the HDD manufactures and trenchless contractors involved in successfully operating Trenchless Advisor for the last six years. With Trenchless Advisor, Mr Brown has been able to assist a wide range of clients, both government and private, to successfully undertake trenchless projects. Mr Brown’s aim over the last six years has been to assist in reducing the risk when undertaking these projects for both client and contractor. Currently, almost half of the projects that come through the doors at Trenchless Advisor involve either resurrecting a failed project or assisting with a difficult and poorly-designed one.

David Gunnell has been involved in the trenchless industry for over twelve years and has accumulated a wide variety of experience ranging from machine operation, operations management, project management and consultancy. He currently works as a senior consultant for Trenchless Advisor. His extensive knowledge and experience within the fields of horizontal directional drilling, microtunnelling and auger boring, as well as rehabilitation, allows him to provide vital information and assistance to a wide variety of clients.

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