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Under-river drilling secures water supply for Bairnsdale

The work is the latest stage in a major engineering project that involves replacing an ageing stretch of steel main totalling 360 m in length, running close to the Lind Bridge at Wy Yung.

Bairnsdale-based BPR Trenching and Boring have undertaken the project on East Gippsland Water’s behalf, with the local office of AECOM employed as project manager.

East Gippsland Water Managing Director Bruce Hammond said “The present submerged section of main being targeted, which sits on the bed of the river, has suffered under the impact of major flood events. Its replacement will be more resilient, being located beneath the river bed itself and constructed from high-density polyethylene.”

Once the tunnelling is completed, the next stage will be to pull the replacement pipe through and into position, and connect it into the water supply system. For a brief period an alternative pipeline will be brought into operation to ensure an uninterrupted supply of water to Bairnsdale customers while the work is underway.

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