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New NBN Co Board announced

Mr Turnbull also announced that Dr Switkowski has been appointed Executive Chairman of NBN Co pending the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer to replace Michael Quigley.

Mr Turnbull confirmed that he has received offers of resignation from five of the seven NBN Co directors, and one resignation. Mr Turnbull said four of those offered resignations have been accepted, but Dr Kerry Schott and Miss Alison Lansley have been asked to continue serving on the board.

The Government intends to nominate additional non-executive directors to the board shortly.

Mr Turnbull said he wanted to thank all of the outgoing directors, in particular Mr Quigley, the retiring chief executive, and Miss Siobhan McKenna, the retiring chairman, for their leadership and service to the company, often in very difficult circumstances.

Mr Turnbull also recently announced the commencement of the strategic review of the company as part of the Coalition’s policy. This is designed to inform the Australian people and the Government – the shareholder of the company – about the current status of the project, how much it is going to cost, and how long it will take to complete it on the Coalition’s plan, or the Labor Government’s plan at the 93 per cent fibre to the premises model.

The review will also set out what savings, both in cost and time, can be made to the project if variations are made to the current plan, such as an increased use of fibre to the node, as per the Coalition’s policy.

Mr Turnbull reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to the National Broadband Network, citing Dr Switkowski as one of the most experienced telecommunications executives in Australia.

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