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Gippsland’s water corporations sign MoU

Gippsland Water, East Gippsland Water, South Gippsland Water and Westernport Water have all agreed to the alliance, which aims to maximise opportunities and increase the effectiveness of each organisation.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) collectively reinforces the inherent knowledge and expertise of each corporation in managing water and wastewater systems. The objective of the alliance will be achieved through a number of strategies:

  • The sharing of joint expertise to enhance overall customer outcomes and the effectiveness of the organisations
  • The adoption of joint system options where they prove to be mutually beneficial, encourage innovation and build the capability of each organisation
  • To proactively seek to identify areas of mutual collaboration, examining all possibilities for areas of cooperation in the provision of services
  • Each corporation will, as a part of its individual strategic planning processes, look for possible areas of joint cooperation.

The MoU was signed and celebrated at the recent Institute of Water Administrators Conference in Melbourne.

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