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Melbourne’s water future to be transformed

The $A15 million available through round two of Living Victoria Fund will help accelerate new alternate water systems across greater Melbourne. It includes $A3 million for community organisations to work on whole-of-water-cycle projects at a local level.

Melbourne’s Water Future is based on the capture and use of local water so in the future there will be literally thousands of small and medium scale projects delivering alternative water to local communities across Melbourne,” said Mr Walsh.

“Melbourne will become an international leader in urban water planning and delivery thanks to the Victorian Coalition Government’s water reform initiatives,” said Mr Walsh.

“Melbourne’s future use of water will now be based on whole-of-water-cycle principles to keep costs down and the whole city green, healthy and liveable.”

Mr Walsh said the new policy would see Melbourne make smarter use of rainwater and recycled water, and the right water being used for the right purpose.

“This policy is about securing Melbourne’s future water supplies, keeping future costs low and ensuring our cities are green and livable.”

More information about Melbourne’s Water Future and the Living Victoria Fund can be found here.

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