HDD, Tunnelling

NSW utility achieves its longest horizontal directional drill

The upgrade will bring to an end years of sewer overflows in Adamstown and surrounding suburbs that occurred every time the suburb experienced heavy rain.

The eight-year project used horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to tunnel beneath Merewether Golf Course and through the hill at Merewether Heights to Burwood Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Hunter Water Chief Operating Officer Darren Cleary said the project’s 4.5 km of pipeline, plus a new pumping station off Glebe Road, would immediately improve the system in Adamstown and surrounding suburbs.

“During wet weather, water infiltrates the wastewater system. Because Adamstown is particularly low lying, it’s especially susceptible to heavy rain flooding the network and leading to sewer overflows.

“This upgrade means the Adamstown system can remove wastewater much faster and greatly reduce the potential for overflows in the area.

“This project involved the longest HDD distance undertaken by Hunter Water in order to minimise disruption to local residents and businesses,” he said.

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