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Trenchless Australasia launches Classifieds page

In the past year, Trenchless Australasia has received a large number of enquiries from companies looking to buy and sell used trenchless equipment but unable to find a suitable online site to purchase and list equipment on. To cater to the gap in the Australasian market, we’ve decided to launch a classifieds page as part of the Trenchless Australasia website, at

Our vision for Trenchless Australasia Classifieds is that it will provide members of the Australasian trenchless community with a forum where they can confidently sell and purchase used trenchless equipment, from suppliers and sellers they know, and through a trusted industry source.

Listing on Trenchless Australasia Classifieds provides companies with a great opportunity to engage with Australasia’s most active online trenchless community.

The Trenchless Australasia website is a high-traffic, content rich site, and presents excellent promotional opportunities. A listing on the Trenchless Australasia Classifieds gives you unparalleled access to contractors, project managers and utility employees looking to purchase equipment.

All listings on Trenchless Australasia Classifieds receive exposure through:

  • Trenchless Australasia website
  • Trenchless Australasia e-news with over 4,300 copies emailed each fortnight
  • Social network promotion via LinkedIn and twitter.

If you’re interested in listing your used trenchless equipment with Trenchless Australasia Classifieds, contact Lisa Feagan at Great Southern Press at {encode=”” title=””} or on
+61 3 9248 5100.

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