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From the ASTT secretary

On behalf of the ASTT, I extend a warm welcome to the following new members:

Corporate Members – Australia

Chris Bland from Monkey Media

2014 Annual General Meeting – Brisbane

This year’s 22nd combined Council and Annual General Meeting was held in Brisbane on the 1st of May to coincide with AWA’s Ozwater event.

The minutes of this meeting can be downloaded from the ASTT website, refer to the following link

ASTT Council Changes

At the recently held AGM in Brisbane there were some changes to the Council. Firstly Steve Apeldoorn was elected as the Vice President taking over from Andris Krumins.

Andris, or Andy as he is more commonly known, has now retired from ASTT Councillor duties, a position he has held since 1994 where he took over from David Huggins. During this extensive period, Andy has seen the ASTT grow and has contributed enormously to the promotion of Trenchless Technology across Queensland.

Andy has also managed several National Conferences and the 2006 ISTT International Conference during his tenure. Andy has been replaced by Ben Crosby who is the Managing Director of Bamser.

Another change is in South Australia where Tim Bartholomaeus from SA Water has been replaced by Chris Neate, the South Australia/Northern Territory Manager from Ditch Witch Australia. I personally would like to thank both Andy and Tim for the work they have done for the ASTT, a job well done.

Listed under is the current ASTT Council structure for 2014-15:

Western Australia – Trevor Gosatti

Tasmania – Vacant

Queensland – Ben Crosby

New Zealand – Steve Apeldoorn

New South Wales – Nabil Issa

Victoria – Chris Frangos

South Australia – Chris Neate

Northern Territory – Peter Lockett

2014 ISTT NO-DIG Awards Procedure

Entries are now open for the ISTT No-Dig Awards, which will be presented at the Gala Dinner at the International No-Dig 2014 Madrid in October 2014. To enter go to the ISTT website and follow the prompts, refer

Members are reminded that the ISTT will only accept ASTT endorsed nominations for this award.

Therefore should any ASTT member wish to submit an application to the award, they will have to forward it to the ASTT Secretary for society endorsement and it will then be passed to the ISTT for assessment etc. The closing date for nominations is 11 July 2014.

Members Directory

A reminder to all members to review the information listed about you and your company on the ASTT website.

To view, go to the Members Directory area of the ASTT website, refer

If any changes are required, please send the changes to me and I will amend.

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