The Complete Guide to Pipe Selection for Trenchless Projects

The choice of pipe material is an important consideration when designing road, river and rail crossings and other trenchless installations. There is a diverse range of materials available – including
high-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and glass reinforced pipe – all of which have evolved to fulfil specific purposes in modern towns and cities.

The e-guide includes

  • Overview of pipe
  • Applications – trenchless techniques
  • A brief history of pipe
  • Pipe options: type, application, pricepoint
  • New Technologies
  • Securing your pipe
  • Future proofing your asset
  • Directory of the complete Guide to Pipe Selection for Trenchless Projects Providers.

The e-guide has been put together by Trenchless Australasia with the support of sponsors Global Pipe, Iplex Pipelines, Qenos, and Think Pipes. Think PVC, and has been made available FREE on Trenchless Australasia’s website.

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