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An innovative approach to mud

Innovative Fluid Systems handles a large range of environmental issues dealing with liquid separation technology and offers a wide range of services and equipment to suit all types of drilling, as well as mud cleaning systems for dredging operations.

The company understands that great equipment needs to be backed-up with equally great customer service and training, that’s why it provides 24-7 parts and service support, qualified technicians and comprehensive training delivered during the equipment commissioning process.

After three years of research and development, Innovative Fluid Systems has been servicing Australia as an industry leader in mud separation and continues to serve its core markets by providing high quality liquid/solid separation equipment and systems with improved functionality, safety and productivity.

The company offers training and rental programs for the correct Fluid Treatment Plant to suit your needs.

Innovative Fluid Systems also offers in-house fabrication facilities that enable the company to undertake custom build applications as per the client’s request.

The company’s focus has always been to continuously look for ways to outperform its existing liquid/solid separation equipment, and to deliver better efficiency to customers.


Innovative Fluid Systems is proud to announce the completion of its new Australian-built 4,500/500 Zone One Mud Filtration System for Gas Drilling.

The company also offers a full range of custom built Mud Filtration Systems from 150 gpm to 1,000 gpm.

These units are suitable for HDD applications, oil and gas drilling, and dredging operations.

From the company’s beginning as one of the first organisations to introduce mobile Fluid Remediation plants and portable clarification, Innovative Fluid Systems now offer complete product lines for slurry mud and process water treatment systems.

The company is constantly evolving its Fluids Processing technology with the goal to educate the client and provide simple, highly efficient and cost-effective means of remediation for their needs and projects based on current EPA requirements.

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