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Diagnose your pipe health

The company is one of the only locally owned and operated companies in Queensland with this technology.

Orion Group aims to provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for pipe rehabilitation and asset management in commercial, construction, industrial and domestic markets throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The company continues to seek out the latest in technology with the aim of continuing to provide its clients with value for money and expert services.

The company’s specialist-trained technicians and consultants provide a range of services including:

  • Asset Management, Asset maintenance, Diagnostic Mapping
  • 3D Viewing of pipe using WSA08, WinCan V8, IBAK Tractor Camera, IBAK Panoramo 3D
  • Downloads measurements into AutoCAD
  • 3D Asset Locating and mapping
  • Pipe Rehabilitation using Trenchless Technology
  • SIPP Spray in Place Mirteq Innovative Resins
  • CIPP Cured in place pipes Nuflow technology
  • Relining Pressure Mains Water, Gas, Oil with Primus Line
  • Structural Manhole Rehabilitation
  • Structural Tank/Pit Rehabilitation
  • 3D Manhole Scanning & measuring.

Orion Group offer services for the domestic market that include:

  • Cleaning & Camera work
  • CIPP Cured in place pipe Nuflow Relining
  • CCTV Pipeline Inspection Technology.

SIPP Spray in Place Pipe Reline

Orion Group Australia in partnership with Mirteq Innovative Resins has developed an innovative structural resin to be sprayed in place (SIPP) – suitable for manholes and pipes.

SIPP is structurally designed to create structural liners to replace concrete stormwater up to 2 m in diameter and equivalent to Class 2 RCP pipe.

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