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GSP and ASTT: Celebrating Ten Years

In 2004, the ASTT became the second association to engage GSP as an official publisher.

GSP now has offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US, and publishes many regular print titles, with various spin-offs, numerous online publications and organises ten major annual events in Australia and around the world.

In September 2014, a unique agreement was struck between the ASTT and GSP giving licence to GSP to publish the ASTT’s official publication, Trenchless Australasia.

The magazine is funded through advertising sales made by GSP.

In its early days, the magazine ran at a loss, but this was subsidised by GSP.

This has resulted in the ASTT having a growing and vibrant publication without the burden or the financial risk involved in publishing.

GSP and the ASTT have a unique partnership.

Unlike many other publishing or events companies that operate at arm’s length with a tightly defined focus, GSP takes full responsibility for its products and as a result has become an integral part of the industry.

The team behind the magazine and events are well known and personally involved in everything the company does.

The ASTT continues to receive a portion of advertising revenue, which results in a positive annual return to the ASTT, providing funds to the ASTT to support growth initiatives for trenchless in Australasia.

An expanding mag and growing industry

When Trenchless Australasia was published for the first time in September 2004, it was met with a warm reception.

The inaugural Chairman’s message for the magazine was written by Chairman at the time, Menno Henneveld, who wrote “”The ASTT newsletter has progressed from the inaugural two colour issue of 1992 to the more familiar full colour versions launched in 2000.

But we have not stopped at that, now can you believe it? You are reading this article in our own official magazine.

“As you can see, this magazine is called Trenchless Australasia and it is produced in full-colour.

The magazine will be produced on a quarterly basis and shall be distributed to all our members as well as other interested companies and individuals.

“We now have a vehicle for promoting the Trenchless message throughout the region.

For this venture to be successful, we need your ongoing support, therefore please get behind it and let’s make this the best Trenchless magazine ever.

For me personally, I am absolutely delighted with the concept because we now have a world class magazine and more importantly, an opportunity to expand our distribution network.

This, in my mind, is bound to give the ASTT the ideal opportunity to grow its membership base.

With additional memberships come additional funds thus enabling us to pursue with even greater vigour, those key initiatives that are spelt out in the Strategic and Business Plans.”

And grow membership it did!

Since 2004 corporate membership grew from around 45 to where it currently sits in the mid-80s.

Getting topical in Trenchless Australasia

Topics that surfaced a lot on early editions of the magazine were the ASTT’s ongoing endeavours to form guidelines for microtunnelling, horizontal directional drilling, and rehabilitation, and to finalise nationally recognised training packages.

In this special anniversary edition of Trenchless Australasia, we look back at some of the initiatives undertaken, how they progressed, and what is on offer now for those looking at education and training in the industry.

Making an event of it

2006 was an important year for the Australasian trenchless industry, with our position in the international market again recognised with the International No-Dig Conference and Exhibition returning to Australia, this time to Brisbane.

This event attracted more than 700 international delegates and featured more than 90 exhibitors from around the globe.

This was the year that the efforts of ASTT Chairman Menno Henneveld were recognised with his two-year appointment to ISTT Chairman.

Not only was Mr Henneveld the first Australian to fill this role, he was also the first ISTT Chairman from the Southern Hemisphere.

In 2013, the ASTT again had the honour of hosting its annual event with the ISTT.

International No-Dig Down Under ran from 1-4 September at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The event saw over 1,300 attendees walk through the door over three days, the highest record for an Australasian event to-date.

Events have always been an integral part of the industry in Australasia, and in this magazine we will look at how the event has grown in the past ten years in more depth.

In 2015 the ASTT’s official conference will return, this time to the sunny shores of the Gold Coast.

The event will be held at the impressive Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from 8 – 11 September 2015.

Extra! Extra! Trenchless records set

The main goal of the magazine has always been to share information on the biggest projects around Australasia, and the latest technologies to hit the market.

Throughout this magazine we will recap some of the most impressive achievements in the last decade, catch-up with the people who worked on the projects, and look to what the next big technologies and accomplishments to hit the Down Under scene will be.

We will also re-look at how technologies in Australasia have changes in this time, and some of the new equipment introductions.

It’s not where you are, it’s the people you’re with

Lastly, in looking back over the last decade we spoke to some of the most prominent people in industry during this time, interviewing many past ASTT Councillors to get their insight into how the industry is evolving and what challenges lie ahead.

We hope this magazine brings back fond memories for readers, reminds the industry of how much it has grown in ten years, and excites and inspires the industry to take action, innovate and be passionate about all things trenchless.

A very sincere thank you to all the magazine’s advertisers, ASTT Councillors, supporters, readers and contributors.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Yours in trenchless,

The Trenchless Australasia team

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