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Grant Binns: NZ Councillor 2003-2009

It was 25 years ago, in 1989, that Mr Binns joined Blackley Constructions.

Before joining Blackley, Mr Binns had not head of Trenchless Technology.

The owners at the time had been involved in basic underground technology for a number of years.

The company was augering holes under roads and then moved to Grundomat thrusting equipment.

In 1992 the company purchased their first directional drill.

When Mr Binns spoke to Trenchless Australasia in 2005, his main concern about the industry was lack of education.

In 2014, Mr Binns says “Trenchless Technology is now better accepted in the general market but a lot of education is still required so that people understand what technology fits where.

“There is a much wider range of trenchless solutions available and most of the operators are competent and capable.

Continuing the process of providing education and information is going to be the key for a long time.

“While contractors are investing in new technology so it can be available for their clients, those clients are usually a long way behind with their acceptance.

Clients will need to be more risk receptive if the industry is going to grow.

This will require a different way of obtaining the services of a contractor so they continue to take the risk of buying new technology,” said Mr Binns.

Over the last decade Blackley Constructions has completed many Trenchless Technology projects using a wide range of techniques.

Most of these projects have been small because the business isn’t only trenchless based.

However, Mr Binns has found that having these products and being able to mix them with the company’s regular civil construction operations has proved very beneficial for the projects and the company.

Mr Binns believes Trenchless Technology will continue to grow by gaining acceptance with more people.

There will also continue to be new developments that will make the work less costly, safer and even less disruptive.

“I believe it is still an exciting area to be working in,” said Mr Binns.

Mr Binns on Trenchless Australasia

When asked how having Trenchless Australasia magazine influenced/changed the ASTT during his time as Councillor, Mr Binns said “It would be fair to say that it smartened up our act.

A more professional magazine set the tone for the industry and it was able to successfully get project information out to a great number of people.”

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