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No longer stuck in the mud

KEMTRON Technologies is proud to look back over the past ten years.

Having been operating within the Australasia region for almost 15 years, from the beginning KEMTRON has provided sophisticated solids control and waste management equipment.

Over the decade the industry has seen drastic changes.

One notable difference was much higher cut points.

This is important as maintaining good drilling fluids allows for jobs to be completed more efficiently.

Looking back

When KEMTRON first came to Australasia there was little industry knowledge, a low level of education for contractors, and a lot of “÷dump and run’ scenarios.

There was a shift in awareness as early concepts around drilling fluids began to develop.

There was a growing understanding that maintenance and disposal can become problems as they are both harmful to the environment and costly.

With the correct solids control system, fluid life can be doubled, if not tripled.

Since whole mud dumping and dilution are unacceptable from both a cost and environmental standpoint, effective equipment has become an important aspect across any drilling process.

In the past, good solids control practices were often ignored because they were not understood.

Now, widespread knowledge regarding proper systems and environmental impacts are the norm across most drilling operations.

KEMTRON strongly believes in innovation, with approximately 20 per cent of profits going back into research and development.

Where it all began

In 1990, KEMTRON began with one employee and one great idea.

By the year 2000 KEMTRON had grown to 40 employees, with a manufacturing facility to keep up with demand.

Currently, KEMTRON maintains a worldwide presence with offices around the globe.

From here, KEMTRON can only expect that the industry will continue to grow as the importance of solids control becomes increasingly more commonplace.

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