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Living the pipe dream

Qenos is the recognised benchmark in Australia for the supply of premium world-class polyethylene (PE)100 polyethylene grades for use in pressure pipes for water conservation and delivery, waste management, and the mining and gas industries.

As a leading supplier of world-class PE, Qenos uses its polymer expertise, global alliances and application know-how to develop ground-breaking solutions to meet the needs of the growing HDPE pipe market. Qenos adds value to Australia’s rich oil and gas reserves by converting valuable natural resources into high value petrochemicals and plastics, which in turn are used to create innovative, engineered pipe solutions.


AlkadyneTM PE100 grades were developed by Qenos in partnership with Australian pipe manufacturers and standards authorities.

All Qenos Alkadyne PE100 grades are designed to meet or exceed the key PE100 performance requirements for:

  • Hydrostatic strength (MRS10)
  • Slow crack growth resistance (SCGR)
  • Resistance to rapid crack propagation (RCP).

Close involvement in the local pipe industry ensures local product and processing requirements are fully understood and incorporated into each product design. Qenos is the only Australian manufacturer of high density HDPE resin for PE100 pipe and employs over 700 Australians.

Polyethylene pipe is an engineered product, required to withstand internal pressure and external influences for up to 100 years. Qenos have invested in the largest pipe pressure testing facility in the southern hemisphere, where pipe is extruded for testing and then subjected to high pressures and heat for up to three years. This testing is also applied to notched pipe samples to which simulates damage during installation.

Qenos Technical Service Staff are widely recognised for their analytical capabilities and expertise, and are supported by the extensive Technical Centre facilities. This support not only ensures professional advice and support for the set-up and optimisation of Alkadyne PE 100 grades at any manufacturing facility in Australia but also provides an extensive range of processing equipment to support application development and troubleshooting for customers. This capability is critical in project design, installation and commissioning.

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