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Suck it up

Spoutvac Australia has an exclusive agreement with KROLL Fahrzeugbau-Umwelttechnik GmbH, in Germany, to supply and support KROLL units across Australia and New Zealand.

KROLL has over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing wet waste disposal units with over 3,000 vehicles produced since 1960 for Germany and the global market.

Spoutvac has a similar background within the Australasian market, accepting the challenge of meeting the demands of the trenchless industry in order to uncover new techniques and improve efficiencies.

The KROLL-Recycling-System WRS IV is a water-sludge-separation facility that allows continuous suction and jetting operation of the recycler-superstructure, independent from fresh water supply.

The recycling capacity is up to 600 litres per minute through an eight-phase filtering system providing water quality down to approximately 20 microns, making it one of the best recycling systems in the Australian market.

The water recycling system is not just an advantage for the environment but one of the most cost-effective ways to clean drains.

Without the need to refill the jetting water tank, productivity soars, and there is less down time between jobs. This allows the worker to move onto the next job whilst other contractors wait for their new tank to fill.

Environmental impact

The KROLL recycling system reuses the water salvaged from the drain which reduces the need to refill the jetting water tank and therefore saving the quantity of water used.

By using less water, the KROLL recycling system isn’t required to leave the site to refill its jetting tanks and does not need a separate water truck, thus reducing fuel that is consumed during operation.

As a recycling unit, the KROLL unit has great dewatering capabilities, by reducing the water collected in the waste there is fewer products to dispose of, saving money and landfill space.

Success of the technology

Spoutvac’s Industrial Sales Manager Rodney Purtill said it is a common misconception that the water recyclable units are mentioned solely for their environmental benefits rather than their business efficiency.

“We have seen a strong movement towards a requirement for improved support systems and through life support programs Spoutvac has spent the last three years developing systems and training people across Australia to carry out this task,” Mr Purtill said.

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