Installation project resumes in Harcourt

All pipeline and pump station works were temporarily suspended on the project until further notice last year in order to resolve issues with the continued delivery of the project following revelations that the contractor, Redline Mining and Infrastructure, was engaged with a winding up application in the Federal Court.

According to regional water authority Coliban Water, pipeline contractor Redline was scheduled to return to Harcourt last week to recommence construction on the project following the Christmas-New Year shutdown period.

At this stage a revised program for the works to be completed is being prepared by Redline and, when it is finalised, a date for resumption of work will be confirmed.

The project involves the installation of a piped system that will replace the existing concrete and gravity channel system, including approximately 65 km of pressurised pipelines throughout the Harcourt area.

According to Coliban Water, the project has implemented Trenchless Technology in order to minimise environmental impacts.

Techniques such as horizontal directional drilling have been used to install pipes underneath roads, farms and a dam, in order to not damage the underground environment such as tree roots.

Further, the pipelines have been aligned to avoid impacting on native vegetation such as grasses, groundcovers, shrubs and trees.

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