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The Ultimate Guide to Drilling Fluids 2014

Up until now, the trenchless industry has been lacking in practical and unbiased information on the range of drilling fluids available within the Australasian market.

As a result Trenchless Australasia decided to provide a free resource to assist those working within the drilling sector: ranging from new entrants to directional drilling who are looking learn foundational information, to experienced users who want to find out more about the history, development and more complicated applications of drilling fluids.

This guide covers: the functions of different drilling fluids, options when selecting the most suited drilling fluid for the job at hand, recent innovations in drilling fluid products and advances in technology, insight into overcoming common challenges when using drilling fluids, featured products within the sector, a purchasing checklist and contact details for our sponsors.

The Ultimate Guide to Drilling Fluids 2014 will provide key decision makers with information to assist them in making the right decision when it comes to selecting drilling fluids for application in their upcoming projects.

This eguide is able to be provided free of charge thanks to the generous support of sponsors CETCO, AMC Drilling Fluids and M-I Swaco.

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