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Victoria Councillor’s report

When I started to write this update, it was the first thing that came to mind so
I decided to go with it.

As a statement used to express amazement at the state of the world and the constant barrage of bad news and adversity we are presented with daily, in my opinion, this saying reflects two things:

Our capacity or appetite for change and our ability/inability to control the world around us.

No one would argue that we have the ability to control everything around us no matter how hard we try.

As we grow, develop and experience life, our appetite for change slows down and we look for comfort, certainty and stability.

Who could blame us, after all isn’t this the natural order or cycle of life?

The same applies to our industry, always in a state of change, subject to the pressures of numerous change drivers just like every other aspect of our lives.

As another year comes to an end and we begin to reflect on 2014, it is only natural to ask, “Where are we headed?”

Recent developments in the industry have resulted in growth and, as a consequence, growth results in changes; and changes are both good and bad, relative to where you stand.

After a relatively stable period in the history of the trenchless industry in Australia, 2014 has seen a shake-up.

Several companies have folded, a number have been acquired and several others are feeling financial pressure, all as a result of the rapid rates of change, constant drive for efficiency and lower prices.

As a result, 2015 will see further change, opportunities and innovation, and so the cycle continues.

Mirroring the social changes around us, our industry will continue to grow in Victoria due to new infrastructure investments, regional growth and urban consolidation, all driven by population growth and the never ending cycle of ageing infrastructure.

The Victorian Government is forecasting that Victoria will have a population of 10 million residents by 2051. The impact on existing infrastructure will be immense and necessitate the renewal of existing assets, construction of new assets in existing urban areas and infrastructure relocation, accommodating new projects such as;

  • Regional rail links
  • The East West Link
  • Urban consolidation and the establishment of satellite business precincts in outer suburbs
  • The Fisherman’s Bend urban renewal project.
  • These projects will see a steady program of renewals and various, significant trenchless projects including techniques such as pipe jacks, directional drills and tunnelling.

2014 has been the first year in the last five where we have not come together at an industry event and, after a well-earned break, I’m sure we are all looking forward to No-Dig Down Under 2015 in the Gold Coast next September. I encourage all of you to submit abstracts for this conference ( as I’m sure there have been many exciting projects over 2014 worthy of sharing amongst our colleagues.

Have a safe and restful holiday period!

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