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Bairnsdale to be bestowed with $A2 million sewer main

According to East Gippsland Water, the main will extend from a pump station at Bridge Street to a wastewater treatment plant at Holloway Street.

“This project, worth nearly $A2 million, will help ensure the reliability of Bairnsdale’s wastewater services in the long-term and cater for future population growth,” said East Gippsland Water Managing Director Bruce Hammond.

“Work is commencing from the Holloway Street end and is expected to take around four months to complete.”

The new main will be located underground, predominantly on crown land and avoiding the Macleod Morass Wildlife Reserve.

Prior to the project’s commencement, extensive cultural heritage and environmental assessments were conducted and the relevant approvals received, said East Gippsland Water.

In 2013, MWH won a contract from East Gippsland Water to provide engineering services for the delivery of the water utility’s five-year Water Plan 3 capital works delivery program.

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