ASTT Special Interest Group guidelines released

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are technical divisions within the ASTT, with each SIG established to represent a specific trenchless sector.

The guidelines document outlines that SIGs are made up of ASTT members with the same interests and will be coordinated by a voluntary committee made up of the members of the group. Examples of SIG topics could include (but are not limited to) horizontal directional drilling, microtunnelling, pipe lining, vacuum excavation and utility location.

Each SIG will be responsible for identifying what activities are needed to support the members of the group and to promote their field of interest. The SIGs will also act as the industry “subject matter experts” and would act to solve queries or problems that may be raised from within the society or from others outside of the membership.

Additionally, the SIGs will assist the Council to develop the Society’s annual plans and budgets.

ASTT members can apply to form a SIG by contacting ASTT Secretary Jeff Pace and following instructions as set out in 5B of the SIG guidelines.

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