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Asset location specialists

Assisting professional organisations, institutions, councils, shires and plumbing specialists, the company uses modern pipe and cable locating equipment to achieve accurate and effective pipe, cable and utility locating outcomes.

“Online boasts over two decades of expertise in the provision of pipe, cable and leak detection,” said a company spokesperson.

“Our services range from non-invasive techniques such as ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and smoke testing to locate buried assets or leaks, to pipe freezing, water jet drain cleaning, and non-destructive digging to provide underground location solutions.”

Fully owned and operated in Australia, Online has been providing professional plumbing and pipe tradesmen with specialist underground services since 1992. With its own team of trained technicians, the company is able to provide same day service, promising prompt and efficient pipe and cable location services throughout Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle and Canberra.

“All of our technicians have undertaken safety training and induction courses and regularly attend training sessions. We have our occupational health and safety system in place and work to risk assessment and safe work method statements. We are fully insured and carry public liability cover and workers compensation insurance covers our employees.”

A full range of utility location solutions

The competitively priced range of pipe services provided by Online includes:

  • Drain clearing: Using either a truck-mounted unit or portable water jet units, blocked drains can be cleared by the use of high-pressure water jets, with both cold and hot water units available
  • CCTV inspection: Online has a wide range of specially developed cameras that provide a full colour video inspection service on pipes from 50-1,500 mm
  • GPR: Online maintains the latest in GPR, a trenchless solution that provides a graphic image of the subsurface, underground, or almost any hidden area
  • Smoke testing: To locate defects in any size sewer or stormwater system, a non-corrosive, odourless smoke is available, able to safely and non-invasively detect cross connections and breaks in the lines
  • Vacuum loading service: Online’s vacuum loading service empties and cleans all types of traps, holes and pits. The company’s mobile tanks have a storage capacity of over 5,000 litres, with substances such as sludge, storm water, sewage or other waste able to be collected and transported from any location
  • Pipe freezing: Utilising pipe freezing techniques, Online is able to repair water pipes by carefully controlling and restricting water flow
  • Non-destructive digging: A non-destructive digging service is available for safe excavations around gas lines, water pipes, tree roots and phone and electrical cables.

Servicing the service providers

Providing innovative and useful solutions for pipe repairs and pipe maintenance, Online now offers pipe and cable locating services for councils, contractors, tradespeople, developers and builders.

Maintaining a roster of well-trained technicians, each with a full suite of certifications, the company’s team can work in any kind of confined space and cater to all types of piping problems and service requirements.

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